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Writing Center at The University of Wisconsin - Superior

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The Writing Center is closed for the spring semester.  It will reopen, for online-only consultations, on Wednesday, May 24.  Online consultations will be available May 24 through August 10, from 9:00 pm to 11:30 pm, Mondays through Thursdays.  (No consultations will be available on May 29 or July 4.) Please note that all summer appointment times are p.m. times (that is, in the evening).

Welcome to the UW-Superior Writing Center!

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HOW DO I START MY ONLINE CONSULTATION? Click on the box on the schedule that represents your appointment. A dialogue box will appear (your original appointment form). Then click on the phrase, in red letters, that reads "Start or join online consultation."

If you are more than five minutes late for an appointment, you will be considered a no-show, and your appointment may be given to someone else.
When you register for writing center services, you are asked to indicate your major by making a choice from a drop-down list. Please note that for those who have not yet decided upon a major, "undecided" is included on the list. Also, if you are not a degree-seeking student or if you are a staff member, see the bottom of the drop-down list for a choice that fits these circumstances.
When you make an appointment to see us for writing assigned in one of your classes, please be sure to indicate the course prefix, number, and instructor name on the appointment form. We won't inform the instructor of your visit unless you tell your consultant that you want us to do so, but nonetheless we'd like to have the instructor's name for our records. (If the writing you want help with is not a class assignment, you'll be able to choose "none" from the end of the drop-down list of course prefixes, and you can type in "none" in the blanks for course number and instructor name. Please make these responses of "none" only if the writing is not for a class!)
A Few Rules to Follow in Making and Keeping Appointments: 1. Length of in-person appointments: Thirty-minute appointments are recommended for most in-person consultations, except for consultations for second-language learners or for students with papers exceeding five pages. Make sixty-minute appointments (in the summer, make two back-to-back thirty-minute appointments) in those cases ONLY to allow other clients ample access to consultations. 2. Length of online appointments: Sixty-minute appointments are recommended for most online appointments, particularly if you are a second-language learner or your paper is a long one. The exception is summer appointments, where we have online appointments only and want to make room for all those seeking our services; then, thirty-minute online appointments are most acceptable. 3. If you are more than five minutes late for an appointment and we have someone arrive at the center or check in online at that time who wants to make an appointment for a consultation, we will consider you a no-show and accommodate that client. 4. A consultation (whether in-person or online) should concern just one writing assignment. 5. PLEASE NOTE OUR NO-SHOW RULE: After three no-shows in a semester, a client will not be able to make any additional appointments for the rest of the semester. (To cancel an appointment and therefore not be counted as a no-show, enter WCOnline, click on the appointment you cannot keep, and indicate that you are cancelling it.) The client can continue to be seen on a walk-in basis only. (If you can have online consultations only, you won't be able to access them for the rest of the term at all because there are no walk-in consultations online.) The Writing Center has this rule because when a client does not show up for an appointment, oftentimes, that time slot could have been used by another client. In other words, your not showing up for your scheduled consultation may prevent another student from getting the writing center services that he or she needs.